Magic Submitter : Everything You Need to Get Your Page Number One on Google

Magic Submitter claims to be the only all-on-one content submission tool on the market, combining the video syndication ability of Traffic Geyser, the automation of SENuke X and the article submission power of Unique Article Wizard, all for a relatively low price of $67 per month.

Let’s take a closer look at Magic Submitter and see if it is worth the monthly investment or just another piece of SEO software.  I did my best to make this review as detailed as possible to tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision if you should jump on the 30 day trial or move on to something else.


What is Magic Submitter All About?

Alexandr Krulik’s major proposition is that SEO is full of tedious drudgery and Magic Submitter will save you hours by completing these tasks automatically for you.

How Does Magic Submitter Work?

Here is a quick breakdown of all the things that Magic Submitter can do for you.

  • Magic Submitter signs up for new accounts for you
  • “Instantly” spins your content so every submitted piece is unique to the search engines
  • Uploads videos to the top video websites
  • Places your content on over 35 top article directories
  • Submits text, images and video content to WordPress directories
  • Posts to over 27 blogs and microblogs
  • Creates profiles on over 150 forums with links pointing back to you
  • Submits each new page of content to 26 social bookmarking sites
  • Submits all RSS feeds, yours and the sites that contain your links, to RSS aggregators
  • Submits to press release sites
  • Magic Submitter can solve the captcha codes for you
  • You have the ability to add your own sites to Magic Submitter so that you can post content to your own network
  • Collects the URLs of all pages where your submitted content was published
  • Those collected URLs are then bookmarked and “pinged” to the RSS directories

Pricing and Guarantee

The Magic Submitter costs $4.95 up front for a 30 day trial of the software.  After 30 days you will be billed 67 per month.  In addition, the company also offers you a 60 day no questions asked refund period.  So if you are not satisfied with the product during anytime in the first 60 days you can ask and receive a prompt refund of up to $71.95 (4.95 + 67). Get Your Copy Now

Research Results for Magic Submitter

“Since I am not a technical person, I probably would have never found the problem on my own. I would have chalked it up as a bad program and canceled my subscription, had Alex not taking the time to help me.” Ebizerati, Warrior Forum

“If you are unable to use magic submitter I think you will be very disappointed with any other software as Magic Submitter has been the easiest tool to learn to use.” Fitnessdad, Warrior Forum

My thoughts so far is that the customer service is top quality. This is very important to me when I purchase a product. I grade Alex’s custom service AAA+++ at this point. “Awesome tool by the way. I wonder if people really know the insane power they have access to with Magic Submitter. Wow my head is spinning right now on what I can do with it  Thanks” EmanuelR, Warrior Forum

“Also had some problems with installing and Alex was quick to respond.” Dean Soto, Warrior Forum

The feature that sets Magic Submitter apart from all other products is that you can add any site that accepts content through a form to the software.  What this means is that if you own a site or you find a site on the Internet that you want to post your spun content to you can add it to the software so that it will do it for you with a push of a button.

Advantages of Magic Submitter

At 67 per month, the price is the lowest in its class of software.

Alex, the software developer, is extremely active in helping users with technical support issues.  I also noticed that Alex is super active in industry forums and uses real user feedback in regular updates of Magic Submitter.

This software accomplishes a lot of different tasks for you that would normally take hours and hours.  Furthermore, if you were to buy software for each of the modules in Magic Submitter, you would have to pay ten times the monthly amount and would have to learn how to use all those different tools.  Magic Submitter is an all-in-one SEO solution that provides link diversity.

There are not that many products out there that offer Press Release submissions so this definitely sets Magic Submitter apart.

The link manager is a great resource because with an organized list of all the link URLs you can easily build links to links for a quick boost and better indexing rates.  You can also then social bookmark those pages and submit them to RSS aggregators using Magic Submitter.


The Final Verdict

I have not used Magic Submitter yet but after researching this for literally hours, I now have a good idea about the product.  Magic Submitter has tons of happy users and performs many tedious SEO tasks for you.  For $67 per month and a 60-day money back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.

Click Here to Visit Magic Submit and Get it today.

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