Making Money From a Informational Product

Everybody wants information.

This is why we search on Google,watch the news, read blogs, ask for help, etc. Providing useful information online is the best and easiest way to make money on the Internet. Everyone is looking for information, so if you can provide it you have the ability to profit. Think about how much time you spend online each day. How much of that time are you looking for answers or information? My bet it is most of your time.

There are a ton of different methods that you can use to give information to people and generate an income for yourself at the same time. Each method has a unique way of organizing the information and the user experience is different as a result. A lot of profitable websites sometimes provide their visitors with a combination of more than one of these methods. Think about which of the following methods would best suit you :

A Blog

A blog is a great way to easily organize your information online because the blogging
platform does all of the work for you. This website, for instance, is a blog. Whenever I want, I can log into my WordPress account, write in the “new post” area, click Publish and the website updates automatically.

It’s quick and easy, and the best part is that you can set up a Blog for free. There are many different blogging platforms, but the most popular seem to be and, so check those out if you would like more information about blogging.


  • Easy to start, edit and manage your content
  • Builds an online community with your readers
  • Establishes you as an expert in your field
  • Blog can be used to promote a product of yours ( Ebooks, Software…etc)
  • Can be free


  • There will be many similar blogs in the same the area already
  • It takes time to establish yourself as an expert and add great content to your blog
  • Requires upkeep and constant attention to update content and respond to comments

How money is made:

  • Advertising. (Google Adsense, Text-Link Ads, Private Advertising, etc.)
  • Affiliate Links (Linking to a particular book and getting paid for leading a sale. for example)
  • Donations. Yes, if you provide useful information and a donation button, some people may be kind enough to donate to your cause.

Helpful Links:


An Ebook, or electronic book, is also a fantastic way to store information and distribute it to people. Usually Ebooks come in a PDF format and can be easily viewed on most computers. Ebooks are becoming even more popular today, especially with’s Kindle or the Apple iPad out on the market.


  • If you write and sell it yourself, there is no printing press to pay no publishers and no retailers to take a chunk of the profit. 100% of each sale is all yours.
  • There’s little or no upkeep once it’s finished.
  • It can earn you money for a time.
  • It’s easy to set up an affiliate program to have other websites sell your book for you too.


  • An Ebook can take a lot of time to write.
  • It’s difficult to sell an Ebook from scratch. In other words, if you don’t have an established audience already (i.e. from a blog or membership website), finding people to purchase your book can be a challenge.
  • Once the Ebook is published and is sold, the information inside cannot be updated if, for example, something you wrote has become outdated. This is why you’ll see different editions or versions of books come out sometimes.

How Money is Made:

  • Visitors click on a “Buy Now” button on your website, which takes them to a form to fill out with their billing information. After processing, money is put into your account.
  • and are the top two methods of selling electronic files online. I prefer E-Junkie, because they will also deliver the product for you, and they don’t take any money from your sales. Clickbank, however, has a better affiliate program, which is also important.
  • If you start an affiliate program, you can find affiliates who will sell your Ebook for you off of their website. You pay your affiliates a small “finder’s fee” for bringing in the sale.
  • You can also sell on websites such as Amazon or


Helpful Links:

Membership Sites 

A membership site is a website that can only accessed with a password. People usually pay a one time or monthly fee to become a member and gain access to the information inside. Membership sites are a powerful way to generate an income online, and I’m hoping to get involved with this soon.


  • Immediately creates a sense of membership and community within the site.
  • Continuously updating and providing information can guarantee that people will stick around and keep feeding you money each month.
  • As an owner and administrator of a membership site, you’re immediately seen as “the expert”. This is powerful because it can help you bring more members in, and also have the ability to easily sell things to the members you already have.
  • The payment system in a membership website, and is kind of a snowball effect. For instance, month one, you have 10 paying members. The next month, you gain 10 more paying members, for a total of 20 paying members.


  • Creating a membership site takes a lot of hard work, time, and effort. You want to make sure that you are able to give your members what they are paying for. If you don’t, they’ll feel betrayed and leave.
  • Again, it can be difficult to bring in members if you don’t have an established audience or reputation already. Some money may be needed to invest in marketing the membership website to be able to get it off the ground before it takes off.
  • Although money is generated automatically, you can’t just disappear and leave the content alone and static. It’s reassuring to the members if there is new stuff available every once in a while, which is good because it decreases the potential number of people who stop paying for access.

How Money is Made:

  • Members will be charged a one-time lifetime fee or a monthly fee for access to the information on the site.

Helpful Links:

In addition to the methods above, you can also sell tools and templates, newsletters, audio or visual products, and learning methods.

As you can see, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can also combine two or more of the methods to create an even bigger resource for

If you are in no rush to make money, I would recommend starting with a blog, building readership and trust, and then sell an ebook or start a membership program to take your informational marketing to the next level.

Using URL Shortening as Another Passive Income Money Maker

Hello everyone, I have found another great use to add to your passive income stream.  I know a lot of people use URL shortening sites such as .  But what do you get out of it? Do you earn money?  

Well I have found a URL shortener it’s called and they pay you every time one of your links is clicked.  Basically all you need to do is click the picture or the link at the end of this post, sign up and start shortening some URLs. is twitter friendly, as well as Facebook .

Ideas for links

Some of the links I shorten and share are the following.

  • YouTube video
  • Facebook Posts
  • Twitter
  • Blog Postings of other Blogs
  • Basically and link on the Internet can make you money is a great way to advertise for your websites, blogs, or products. And your money goes to your Paypal account

There is also a referral program, earn money downstream from others that sign up, earn up to 20% of their earnings.

This is a great way to earn some extra income, check it out by following the link  below and start making money today.



My Passive Income Report July 2012 – 1938.08

Hello everyone this is my income report for July 2012. 

This month I have been running into issue with both Apple and Amazon allowing my new apps to be published.  I expect it will take me a few weeks to refactor my code and put in some new features to get them accepted.  Even with those two issue I was able to add three apps to Google Play and ten to Windows Marketplace.  Below is the break down from each of the apps stores, So you can see how it breaks outs.   Thanks for checking it this out and be sure to check out the rest of my site to get the tools I use to create my passive income stream.

Apple App Store  –  1467.63

Google Play – 167.86

Amazon App Store – 279.45

Windows Marketplace – 23.12

For a total of 1938.08


Easy Ways To Earn Passive Income Now

Raising Profits of Passive IncomeThe availability and affordability of the Internet has allowed more and more people to start their own businesses from home. Just like a traditional business, an Internet business can require a big investment of time before they become successful. The advantage of an Internet business is the passive income. In fact, some of the best ways to earn passive income ideas are Online businesses. An online business will keep making money for you even after you have gone to sleep

There are many ways to start earning passive income on the Internet. Most of these are inexpensive to start. You will spend time to get them set up, but they will keep making money with almost no work. Here are three great passive income ideas to help you on your way to financial freedom.

The first idea is to sell your photographs on stock photography websites. There are many stock photography websites on the Internet that will let you sell your photographs. After taking some photos, upload them to the website. Each time a person downloads one of your photos, you get a percentage of the money they paid. Once you upload a photo, you don’t have to do anything else. I personally use Crestock to sell my images and video.  Click here to learn more

Another one of the best ways to earn passive income is to create a website. The site can be about anything, but you should pick a topic that you either know a lot about or want to learn more about. Once you have decided on the topic, create your website. A great web hosting service is BLUEHOST for  a small monthly fee they take care of all your hosting needs.  Click here to learn more   

There are also ways to make money from your website.

One way is by having advertisements on your site. There are companies that will pay you every time someone clicks on an advertisement on your site. The other way is to find products and sell them as an affiliate. You earn a commission every time someone buys through your site.  Linkshare is one of the largest affiliate programs on the internet. With many different companies to sell for they are great for starting out.  To learn about Linkshare click there.

These are just three ideas out of hundreds of some of the best ways to earn passive income. Get started with these ideas and always keep looking for more income streams to add to your bottom line. You will probably not get rich using just one of these streams but by combining many you can earn a very comfortable living at home.

Thanks for Reading

Step One ( Start a Business)

Good evening Internet world this is my first post. Being my first post I figured I would take about the first step I took in securing my future.  The first thing I did before I even thought about creating Apps was to start a company. I used LegalZoom  to start my LLC in three easy steps you will be able to reap the benefits of having my own business. There are many advantages to having your own company. Besides the tax write offs , you will also be able to write off your internet and computers.  Here are a few more examples of why starting your own business if a great idea.

Tax Benefit

A standard corporation is treated as a single entity that must pay taxes on the revenue it generates, and then the corporation owners must pay taxes on that revenue again in the form of income tax, according to online small business resource Gaebler. In an LLC, the distribution of revenue is treated as in a partnership. The LLC is not considered a single entity but rather a collection of individuals. Revenue generated by the LLC is passed through to the individual owners based on the agreement created when the LLC was incorporated, and the owners then pay tax on that income. There is not single-entity revenue tax with an LLC. This allows the LLC to avoid the double taxation that occurs with a standard corporation.

Limited Liability

One of the primary benefits of an LLC is that the owners have limited liability for the business’s decisions. If the business owes debts or is sued, the owners do not have to pay for those debts out of their own pockets. Sole proprietors and members of partnerships are liable for business debts, so if a sole proprietorship or partnership goes out of business, the owners might be saddled with a large financial burden that could lead to personal bankruptcy. Members of LLCs and corporations are protected from business debts.

Income Distribution

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the income earned by an LLC flows to the members and taxes on the income are paid through the personal income taxes of the owners. In other words, an LLC is not taxed as a business entity separate from the owners, as is a corporation. This gives the business flexibility to distribute income to owners as they please.

Again I can not stress enough how important it is to start a company. Even if your just a blogger you can use a LLC as a tax advantage, that is unless you like to pay taxes.  Again be sure to check out LegalZoom to get started  today, also be sure to check out my resources page for links to other great products or services to make you successfully reach you “Permanent Holiday”


Mike Nowak

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