Passive Income Apps

Below you find links to all the mobile Apps I have created. These Apps have been built and worked on since I started back in 2008.  I will continue to add to the list as more and more Apps get approved through their respected companies (i.e. Apple,Google,Amazon,Microsoft).  Feel free to check out my Apps and if you like buy one.

Look at how simple these are in function, yet they provide a very simple value to the customers who downloaded them. No need to spend months or years coming up with a killer App. All you need to do is find a niche for something that people will buy.  Mine has been soundboards for mobile devices.

Each App is shown by title followed by an icon to take you to the correct market for you mobile device.

Alarms and Sirens – From the Plan to the Crazy    

Alligator – From Swamp Land To Your Hand     

Austin Carr – Pocketboard of a Cleveland Legend   

Baby Chickens – Lil Chicks in Your Palm     

Baby Noise – Sounds of Babies in Action     

Bald Eagle ‘s – Bird of Strength, Power and Beauty     

Barking Dogs – Sounds of Man ‘s Best Friend in Action     

Bathroom – Pocketboard of Great Restroom Noises     

Bats – Cave and Dark Place In Your Phone     

Bear ‘s -Animals of the Woods and Forests     

Beluga Whale – Cold Ocean Water Sounds     

Blue Jays – North American Bird     

Bobcat ‘s – Sounds from the Mountians to Your Home     

Bowling Sounds -At Alley Even When Ur Not     

Buffalo ‘s – From Open Land to Your Hand     

Canary Bird ‘s – A Little Bit of Nature’s Own Paradise     

Car Horns – An Everyday Sounds Heard Daily     

Cardinals – From the Trees to the Nest of Your Palm     

Casino – Gambling RIches in Your Hand    

Chicken Clucking – Chicken ‘s from the Coup to Your Hand     

Chimps – Jungles, Zoos, and Now to Your Hands     

Chipmunk ‘s – Small Furry Creatures in Your Hands    

Circus Sounds – The Great Sounds on Earth     

Cows – Farm Lands To Your Hand   

Coyote ‘s – Sounds From The Wild     

Cuckoo Birds – Zoologists and Taxonomists Dream     

Deer Call ‘s – A Hunters Best Friend     

Dolphin’ ‘s – Swimming and Jumping to Your Phone or Tablet     

Donkey ‘s – Transporting Good Sounds to Your Phone     

Elephant ‘s – From Africa to Your Pocket     

Emergency – Fire and Ambulance Sound Effects     

Epic Fail – Sounds for Stupid People     

Fart – o – Matic : Buttons of Farts   

Fox ‘s – Real Sounds From Nature     

Frog – Amphibian Sounds That You Control     

Geese – Great Sounds Flocking to Ur Phone     

Giant Panda – China’s National Symbol in Sounds     

Goats – Sounds of a Old Animal     

Guinea Pigs – House Hold Pet     

Hawk ‘s – Sounds of a Great Hunter In the Wild   

Heart Beats – Natures Natural Rhythm Machine     

Hey Bartender – Fun Beer, Drinks or Shots Retriever for your Local Bar, Pub, Club or Watering Hole   

Hippopotamus – Water Monster at Zoos     

Horse ‘s – Galloping from the Open Field to Your Device     

How High – Altimeter   

iVomit n Puke SFX   

Jungle ‘s – The Untamed Wild Now in Your Control     

Killer Whale -Swimming the Ocean Now Ur Device     

Kittens- Have a Kitten Purr In Your Hand   

Lamb s – Soft Animals that Babies Love     

Legendary Harry – Chicago ‘s Favorite Sportscaster   

Lion s – Dangerous Wild Cats Preying     

Llamas and Alpacas Furry Friends We All Love    

Locust – Outdoor Noises Now in Your Hand     

Mega Button Ultimate Sound Board     

Mice In Your Pants and Device     

Money 4 Free   

Monkey ‘s – From The Trees To Your Hand   

Moose – From The Wild To Your Hand   

Mosquito ‘s – Sucking Your Blood and Silent Sounds for Your Device     

Mountain Cat ‘s – The Wild In Your Palm    

MuzikTweet – The Best Way to Share your Music with the World   

Nightingale ‘s – Tree and Wood Dwellers to Your Device     

Penguin ‘s – Cute Cold Weather Friends in the Warmth of Your Device    

Peregrine Falcon – Bird of Prey  

Personal Laugh Track     

Pigs – Mud Pits and Farms To You     

Pocketboard – Comedy SFX     

Pocketboard – Crickets    

Pocketboard – Evil Laugher     

Pocketboard – Office SFX   

Pocketboard – Robot SFX   

Pocketboard – Sci fi SFX   

Pocketboard – Sounds of War   

Pocketboard – Tom Hanks   

Polar Bears – From Zoo and Arctic to U    

Rabbits – From the Tall Grass Meadows to Your Hand     

Raccoon ‘s – From The Garbage Can To Your Hand   

Rattlesnake – Nasty Snakes That Kill You     

Rhinos – Charging Your Device Out of Africa / Asia    

Robins – Sounds for Bird Watchers    

Roosters – Sounds of Natures Alarm Clock    

Sea Otters – The Ocean’s Furry Friend    

Seagull – Parking Lots/ Beaches into Your Phone     

Sea Lions – Friendly Fun Loving Ocean Animals    

Secure Words – Password Generator  

Sheep – Farm Animals All Kids Love    

Sonar – Sounds of the Oceans and War     

T-Rex – Dinosaur Sounds from Histories Past     

The Rain Forest – Tropic Travel and Exotic Animals and Creature Sounds    

Thunder n Lightning : Sounds of Powerful Storms     

Tiger – Sounds of Nature’s Best Wild Hunter    

Trains – Railroad Sounds for All     

Thanksgiving Turkey Sounds     

UltraVib – The Ultimate iPhone Vibrating Massage Tool  

Water Falls – Sounds of Open Clean Water     

Waterfowl Hunting – Duck Calls For Your Phone or Tablet    

Woodpeckers – Bird Watchers Sound Guide    

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